For those of you interested in my work from my various internships and jobs here is a list of some of my favorite articles that you can find online. I've also included some links to pieces about me or blog posts where I contributed.

Video interview [with me] on blogging & social media tips by Don Stanley (February 2013)

Mark Shaefer's Grow
Case Study: Using Social Influence to Build A Personal Brand (October 2012)

Scientific American Blog Network
The Scienceblogging Weekly blog of the week (July 2012)
SA: Incubator Helping Hatch Science Writers Since July 2011 (May 2012)
Introducing Erin Podolak (April 2012)
Science Writing Program At The University of Wisconsin-Madison (January 2012)

This is one of the Abrams Media Network blogs. My posts were about current events in technology, science and internet culture. I wrote several short posts a day for three months so this is just a small sampling, the rest can be viewed on Geekosystem by searching Erin Podolak.
Pregnant Fossil Is First Evidence That Plesiosaurs Gave Birth To Live Young (August 2011)
MIT Researchers Announce Broad Spectrum Treatment For Viral Infections (August 2011)
NASA Proves Building Blocks Of DNA Come From Space (August 2011)
Researchers Find Elusive Oxygen Molecules In Space (August 2011)
New Monkey Adenovirus Jumps Into Humans (July 2011)
Study: Parrot Parents Name Their Babies (July 2011)
Fuel Of The Future? Researchers Looks To Aneutronic Fusion (June 2011)
Study: Water Wrinkles On Fingers Actually Serve A Purpose (June 2011)
Mind Control Hat Uses Light To Guide Mouse Behavior (June 2011)
Disappointment At Tevatron: No New Particle (June 2011)
Tongue Piercing Used To Control Wheelchair (June 2011)
Aquatic Spider Uses Web As A Gill To Breathe Underwater (June 2011)
Stunning Explosion Rocks The Sun (June 2011)
Shape-Shifting Cuttlefish Use Visual Clues (June 2011)
Gobbling Up Google One Share At A Time (June 2011)
New Elements Usurp Heavy Weight Title (June 2011)
Deadly E. coli Sticks Like Glue (June 2011)
Spammer's Delight: Researchers Defeat Audio CAPTCHAs (June 2011)
Study: Emperor Penguins Do The Wave (June 2011)

There are far too many articles that I've written for BioTechniques to link to them all, here are a few favorites.
Ending Cell Line Contamination By Cutting Off Researchers (August 2010)
Spaceballs? Well, Bucky Balls At Least (August 2010)
$22K Worth Of Lab Equipment Seized From Yale Researcher's Home (July 2010)
Fastest Case of Adaptation Documented in Tibetans (July 2010)
Glass Proteins Shatter Dehydration Protocols (July 2010)
Smaller Tags Cure GFP Blues (July 2010)
Plant Biology Blasts Off: Shuttle Missions Explore Biofuels (June 2010)
X-ray Diffraction Gets the Inside Scoop On Whole Yeast Cells (June 2010)
Hunting Hepatitis C: Fluorescent Tag Tracks Live Infection (June 2010)
Venter Creates First Synthetic Life (May 2010)
Facial Expressions Quantify Pain In Lab Mice (May 2010)
The Shape of Cells to Come: Helping Stem Cells Shape Their Future (May 2010)
Nanodiamonds Are A Neuron's Best Friend (April 2010)
3-D Tissue Culture By Magnetic Cell Levitation (March 2010)
Researchers Unlock the Opium Poppy's Pain Fighting Genes (March 2010)
New Cell Printing Approach Enables Precise Design of Complex 3-D Tissue Structures (March 2010)
What Killed King Tut (February 2010)
Spinning the Digital PCR Disc (February 2010)
Genomic Hot Spots Solve Mimicry Mystery (February 2010)
Genetics Cracks Down On Animal Trafficking (February 2010)
All Together Now: Quorum Sensing Improves UCSD's Genetic Clock (January 2010)
Traveling the Pathway to Independence (January 2010)
Exposure to Colored Light Silences Brain Function (January 2010)
My Genus is Drosophila, And I'm An Alcoholic (December 2009)
Q&A Elaine Fuchs Talks About Stem Cell Research and Winning the 2009 L'Oreal UNESCO Award (November 2009)
Genetic Fingerprinting Used to Confirm Maternal Spread of Leukemia (October 2009)
University of Chicago Geneticist May Have Died of Infection Linked to the Plague (September 2009)
Kary Mullis Out Maneuvers Drug Resistant Bacteria (August 2009)
What Not To Write (August 2009)
Artificial Golgi Organelle (August 2009)
No Money, No Cure (July 2009)
DNA Sudoku (June 2009)
Francis Collins Talks About Rock Stars of Science Campaign (June 2009)

BioTechniques Print Edition:
Diamonds In the Rough: Rare Variants Scratch The Surface (October 2010)
Sequencing's New Race (February 2010)
Planting Pipelines in National Parks: The West-wide Energy Corridor Project and The Future of Public Lands in the West (Fall 2008)

Lehigh University's The Brown & White:
Knowledge of Chinese Language May Help Students Advance Careers (December 2008)
Wegmans Cuts Prices to Help Customers Cope (November 2008)
Dining Services Promotes Sustainability With Local Food (October 2008)
Study Will Test How Liquid Metal Stores Energy (October 2008)