What is #sci4hels? I'm glad you asked. The hashtag was used by myself, Rose Eveleth, Kathleen Raven, Lena Groeger and Bora Zivkovic for a panel discussion that gave at the eighth World Conference of Science Journalists organized by the World Federation of Science Journalists in Helsinki, Finland on June 24-28th, 2013.

The sci4hels team photographed by Russ Creech at Science Online 2013
Me, Kathleen Raven, Bora Zivkovic, Rose Eveleth and Lena Groeger
The panel we gave was:
The 'Killer' Science Journalists of the Future
In the words of Bora, the reason this panel was necessary was because, "The science media ecosystem has never been as big, as good or as vibrant as it is today. Many young writers are joining the ranks of veterans each year- and they are good! Many of them have science backgrounds. They all write really well. And they are digital natives, effortlessly navigating today's online world and using all the tools available to them. But some of them are going beyond being well adapted to the new media ecosystem - they are actively creating it. They experiment with new forms and formats to tell stories online, and if the appropriate tool is missing - they build it themselves. Not only can they write well, they can also code (well, some of us), design for the web, produce all types of multimedia, and do all of this with seemingly more fun than effort, seeing each other as collaborators rather than competitors. I'd like to see the best of them tell us what they do, how they do it and what they envision for the media ecosystem they are currently building."

Leading up to the conference the #sci4hels did a lot of work with blog posts and twitter conversations, and while the conference may be over we found a lot of value in these topics, so they are still up, you can find all of this information on our website.

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