Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer Starts Here

Source: Wikimedia Commons
I made it back to the homeland today, which means I survived my first year of grad school. When I moved to Wisconsin nine months ago it seemed impossible, but here I am back home with 50% of a Master's degree. Before I left Wisconsin for the summer I finally (FINALLY) tried fried cheese curds. I get what all the fuss was about. It was a crazy week finishing projects and saying goodbye to my friends in the pro-track program who are graduating. 

But, I am back in New Jersey now, and I have some down time ahead of me between now and when my summer internship (which I will tell you more about later) starts. Never fear, I intend to blog all summer. Although as my loving big brother put it today, "Its not that I don't WANT to read your blog. You just don't write anything interesting." I guess I'll have to up my game, though I hope if you are here, you are not bored. 

For the record I also have to say, I was shocked by how green and beautiful everything is in New Jersey right now. I didn't realize how far behind in spring Madison was, it was shocking to see green leaves on the trees and flowers after so many months in "the frozen north" aka my home away from home. Though I am a little disappointed I won't get to experience Madison in the summer, from what I've heard it is the best season to be a part of the Madison community. But, summer is also my favorite time to be in New York City so I guess this one is a trade off. 


  1. Glad to hear you finally tried some fried curds Erin, and that you're going to continue blogging over the summer. Someone's got to make up for us slackers (ahem, me) who probably won't be posting very often (despite my best intentions of course). Best of luck in your internship...I'm looking forward to spending the summer back east myself, although as of yesterday, it finally feels nice in Madison!

  2. Thanks Tim, good luck with your internship too! I'm glad to hear Madison is finally starting to warm up!

  3. Congrats on reaching the half-way mark in the program, Erin! :) Thanks for all of your feedback in the peer editing and I hope you have a great summer! I'm super jealous that you get to spend it in NYC! :)