Thursday, June 6, 2013

Overheard at Sciobeantown with NESW

On June 6th, Sciobeantown and the New England Science Writers teamed up for a joint mixer at Boston's Beehive. If you couldn't join us, here are a few snippets (taken 100% out of context) to show you what you missed. If you have any questions about Sciobeantown, feel free to contact me, or any of the other organizers: Haley Bridger, Biochembelle, or Alberta Chu. You can also check out the website, twitter, and googlegroup.
Let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic...
So, the Mighty Ducks is actually all about class warfare.
Wait, since when am I the youngest?!?
There’s so much scicomm, we’re going to need to coordinate these dates.
You’re tweeting this aren’t you?
I went right home after you mentioned it and convinced my boss I had to go to ScioOceans.
You lied, we could totally still register!
Biochem AND a Belle... wow, that’s intimidating.
You weren't at the Storycollider? It was so good!
Just cover one story, really, really well, that’s how you get a Pulitzer.
I came to Boston for all of the astronomy, there is an amazing amount here.
You just have to look at the statistics!
Just assume the doctor stance.
Wait, there are liberal antivaxers?
You might want to look at that study again, it might not be total bullshit
Are the science writers about to throw down?
Look, I flail when I talk.
Of course, everyone knows Bora.
Well now you're just making stuff up.
Tweet from @sciobeantown in Finland, we’ll cheer you on!
What exactly makes you a killer?
Mermaids? I mean how was that even a thing?
Try to describe something without using any adjectives! At all!
Your career is your oyster...or something like that.
Ooh, is there going to be music?
We’ll see you in July!
Thank you to NESW for sponosring this event, and to everyone who came out to share ideas and build our Sciobeantown community!

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