Friday, August 27, 2010

Yale Lab Heist Story Continues

Over the summer I reported on a story out of Yale University about a researcher who was accused of stealing laboratory equipment as part of his divorce proceedings. The New Haven Register originally reported the story, and it was slanted at best because they only based their story on public record (police reports, the divorce proceedings) and the opinion of the researcher's ex-wife.

I did a follow up to the Register story, and got the researcher to comment easily. He replied to my email right away and thanked me for the opportunity to get his side of the story. According to him, no other news source had ever contacted him directly for an interview. So I find the Register and The Yale Daily's News' claims that he didn't return repeated requests for an interview sort of suspect. I think they tried to contact him... but his Yale contacts are long defunct. His gmail is available on the web very easily if you search his name.

But anyway, the Yale Daily News did a follow up on the story based on the Register and they do mention BioTechniques and a quote that the researcher gave me, so that is sort of cool.

The Yale Daily News:

The New Haven Register:

My BioTechniques Story:

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