Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the Mad City

I'm back in Wisconsin after my holiday break, getting ready to start a new semester of classes tomorrow. It snowed in Madison today, which made me pretty nervous about my flight but I got in right on schedule. I got a taxi from the airport to get downtown, and by that time the roads were already starting to get pretty bad (I know I saw a plow at one point but I swear it was just pushing the snow around.)

This ride home was fairly interesting considering I've never had a cab driver pull over so that he could stop to go get a sandwich for the ride. Seriously. I was nervous enough being driven around in the snow, the fact that the driver was eating a sandwich with one hand while steering with the other didn't exactly inspire confidence, especially after I heard the cab company's dispatcher report an accident involving a different cab coming from the airport to downtown. But I got home in one piece and I guess thats really what counts.

This should be a good semester, between the classes I'm taking, working at the Primate Center, and some freelance projects I have going on, I'll be pretty busy. But I have to say I'm already counting down to spring break and another visit home, 52 days...

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