Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging Experiments

This semester for my long form journalism class (J880) with Deb Blum, everyone is going to be blogging in their speciality. I considered creating a specific blog just for the class, but I really like Science Decoded and I felt like if I was trying to keep up with a second blog, this one would fall to the wayside.

So, that being said there will definitely be some changes to my posts for the next few months. I want to keep the casual and personal feel that this blog has, but I'm only going to do personal posts if they are related to my work or school. I'm also going to be putting up lengthier posts with more background research in them, as opposed to my current standard of short posts filled with my own commentary.

Hopefully I can keep up a cohesive feel while I'm experimenting with different styles and types of posts. I'll probably differentiate posts for class vs. regular daily posts in some way. I think using the blog for class should be fun to get more traffic to this site, and help me try to develop Science Decoded into a way to market myself.

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