Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners

In case you happen to never turn on the television or read any news of any kind, here are a few links to the story of the 33 miners in Chile who have been trapped underground since August 5th. Rescue workers have been pulling the men up above ground one by one since late last night.

The LA Times: In Chile 21 Miners Rescued and Counting
The New York Times: Chile Rejoices as Capsule Brings Miners to Freedom 
Washington Post: Chile Mine Rescue Underway, Two Thirds Hoisted to Safety
Chicago Tribune: Chile rejoices as two-thirds of trapped miners freed; men look healthy after 2-month ordeal

You get the idea...

From a strictly media perspective this story is important because:
A. There are THOUSANDS of reporters from around the world who have descended on Chile to await the rescue of these men to get the first pictures, sound bites, video, etc.
B. This could have been a tragedy, but instead is an uplifting story of survival and hope -- how often does anyone get to write a story like that these days? Answer: Not very often.
C. This story has such significance because so many men were trapped, because they are all alive, and because they are all alive after being underground for over two months... its just plain shocking.
D. There are dozens of story angles that can be pursed from this one event. For a reporter with the means, and incentive this event is a journalistic piƱata... so many pieces of candy are now raining down on journalists everywhere in the form of story ideas.

The follow-up to this event is going to be spectacular. I am excited to see who gets the movie rights.

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