Monday, October 25, 2010

Water on the Moon

Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Since I was a little kid, I've loved space. The whole idea that there are other worlds surrounding us has always fascinated me. But, alas I am not so good with chemistry, physics, and math so studying space was never really within my academic dreams. I still got to daydream though, and who doesn't love imaging what it would be like to live in space?

Well, NASA scientists are one step closer to colonizing the Moon, according to research reported earlier this month. Researchers performed experiments that used rockets to collide with lunar craters to loosen rocks and dust that could be evaluated for their chemical compounds, and found a significant amount of water in the craters.

Access to water would be necessary to sustain a colony anywhere, so the discovery that there might be water resources on the moon that could be used by people is a step in the right direction toward people branching out and living on the moon.

The BBC article by Johnathan Amos: Moon's water is useful resource, says NASA

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