Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Australia Gets To Have All the Fun

Researchers have discovered a 9,000 year old coral reef off the coast of Australia near Lord Howe Island that they believe will provide clues into how other (younger) coral reefs will react to rising ocean temperatures.  I really need to get to Australia to see a coral reef for myself, before they all blanche.

The BBC article (my news source of choice) was concise while addressing the parts of the story that made it newsworthy, namely that it was a new discovery, and that it can be tied to global warming. I like the fact that researchers had no idea that this reef was there, somehow with all the discoveries that have been made the Earth still has its secrets just waiting to be found. Stories like this call to the adventurer in me, but I've always known that I'm far more suited for communicating discoveries than making them myself.

1 comment:

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