Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thats So Nerdcore

I found the article Nerdcore: Hip hop for rhyming geeks from the BBC's Jamillah Knowles and Chris Vallance quite entertaining. The article takes a look at a new trend in the hip-hop music scene, self proclaimed nerdy people rapping about the societal struggles that come with being a geek. I'm going to refrain from expressing a staunch opinion on nerdcore rap, but I commend the reporters for chasing down and interesting topic and finding a unique angle with which to talk about the stigma of being a nerd.

I also liked the multimedia components that the reporters incorporated into this story. I think its important to get a picture of what these nerdy rappers look like in addition to hearing their actual rhymes so the video and audio clips to me really made the piece.

On a similar nerdy note, if you've never seen the Big Bang Theory on CBS, it is about a young group of professors and researchers (physicists, no less) at a university and it is hilarious.

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